x . y is a continuously growing group of UK based and international  artists, activists, writers, composers and curators. If you would like to work with us feel free to get in touch by dropping us an email. We are always excited to hear about musicians/musics/artists/ideas/collaborators/spaces we don’t know yet. Artists we have worked with include

Jernej Albreht, clarinet // An Assembly // Lotte Betts-Dean, mezzo-sop // Cecilia Bignall, cello // Alex Brusentsev, composer // Jocelyn Campbell, composer // Ryan Carraher, composer // Sara Cubarsi, violin, composer, painter // Charlie Dale-Harris, clarinet // Louis d'Heudiere, compsoer// Dan Ehrlich, composer // Joe Davies, cello // Filthy Lucre // Anthony Friend, clarinet  //  Cameron Graham, composer // Ausias Garrigos Morant, clarinet // Sean Harold, composer // Edward Henderson, composer // Sarah Hughes, composer // Ilze Ikse, flute // Alice Jeffreys, composer // Evan Johnson, composer // Kingston University // Neil Luck, composer// Elena Marigomez, double bass // William Marsey, composer // Ashil Mistry, composer // Ioannis Mitsialis, composer // Michael Mofidian, bass-baritone // Alexis Porfiriadis, composer //Joss Smith, composer // Patrick Terry, counter tenor // Jill Valentine, viola // Maya Verlaak, composer // David Zucchi, saxophone


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